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    Best Football Android Apps of 2020

    Football is the number one sport in the world; it is hardly surprising there are thousands of apps available featuring information on bunches of leagues, thousands of teams, and every player you could care about. Being a fan of European football and primarily the Premiership, I am slightly biased, and I apologize if you notice that the majority of football after recommend are centered around this League. Still, it is the world’s most popular. I hope you’re not too disappointed. Here are some of the best football apps in 2020.

    Best Football Android Apps of 2020

    Forza Football

    This is my go-to app on most weeks during the season. It offers impressive coverage of most of the major leagues. 400 in total, with complete schedules, updates, and live scores. It makes it simple to follow all the teams that you know and love; they also conduct regular polls and have the lineups before many of the major outlets. The quality and quantity of the offer information are impressive. The only negative is the ads you have to deal with.

    Another excellent utility is to record calls with football forecasts. For them you can use applications to record calls

    Premier League/Fantasy Premier League

    Considering this application is entirely free of charge, every fan of the most-watched football league in the world needs to have it. It offers you statistics and scores from every League going back 27 years, as well as the latest updates and news. For fans of Fantasy football, this app also you manage your team.

    BBC Sport

    If you’re looking for high-quality journalism, especially when it comes to sports, it’s hard to look past the BBC. Their sports app is a sheer quality offering the latest news and interviews from almost every major game. For football lovers, there is a particular focus on football; they also have a bunch of experienced pundits. You can even create your sports page, including your leagues and teams, so you’ll consistently be kept up-to-date with any news.

    Top Eleven

    Every football fan has probably tried their hand at some form of the football management game/app. Still, this particular one is, in my opinion, the best mobile FF game available. Over 100 million people play it around the world, meaning that you always have online action no matter what time of the day or night you play. It also has great live player auctions to keep you entertained. As your team improves, you can progress the levels of meeting stiffer competitions along the way and gaining more achievements and trophies.


    are in another massive player in the sports app industry. They allow you to follow your favorite players, teams, and Leagues. Easy for football fans to keep up-to-date on the crucial moments in every game? These are all available to live push notifications. As with most football fans, you probably follow other sports too, and this app also supports all the major ones.

    FIFA Official

    Get all the latest news from home and across the globe on FIFA’s official app. Every football fan is its global fan. They are interested in seeing exclusive features highlight, clips interviews, and news from all around the world. p.


    This one is a little out of the left field. Having recently launched their app to accompany their website, and if you are a real football nerd, you will love this. The depth of information that’s available is staggering even though it isn’t very mobile-friendly, and also if it is mostly in German. You will find info here on the other side don’t have


    This may seem like a strange one, but the banter on the football forums of Reddit is highly entertaining. There are thousands of football communities, Every League, team, and most of the major players have their threads. It offers the perfect platform to hone your trash-talking skills—a great way to connect with new fans and rivals from all over the world. You can but a subscription to get rid of the ads, but I find the free version fine.

    All of these sports apps are available on both Google Play Store. You can get quick updates in the form of articles, video highlights, and statistics. You will not have to spend a lot of time, and all the games that you love will be available at your fingertips.

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