A New Stance in Board Sports

It may be hard to believe in the evolving world of board sports, such as skateboarding and snowboarding, that one can become at a certain point bored over all with the same day in day out approach to riding. Working on tricks and style isn't always the key point to board sports, and when you ponder on what is left, you can certainly pinpoint riding as being the key element to all of this. In every person that ever started a board sport, lies a deep appreciation for the sheer ride of such simple creations starting from the first sit on a moving board. Though shaky at first, control is developed through practice, thus creating to each their own style in a new and unique hobby. These very feelings are the reason to take up a new board sport, to experience the fundamental elements that got you started rolling around in the first place. The following are a few interesting new beginnings to obtain that feeling all over again.

To start, wintertime is going to be the most challenging time to pick up a new boarding sport due to the obvious conditions, unless you've never gone snowboarding before, which would be a great start on something to try out if you haven't. Alternatively, an in-between approach at the winter time "board"om is the cross over sport snow skating, which has the best of both skateboarding and snowboarding characteristics. Like snowboarding, you are able to glide around on top of snow with the help of a ski-acting board attached underneath a skateboard sized deck. Like skateboarding, you are free to slide your feet to maneuver the board as you are not strapped in to it. This sport is a great ride to take up to help keep your riding fluent during the winter season if you don't feel like waiting around on the few days that you wont damage your skateboard with winter conditions.

A more up and coming board sport to check out is what is known as the wave board, a two wheeled often split section deck that varies from hard plastic to metal, and is propelled by what is known as caster wheels. Caster wheels are most like office chair type or grocery cart type of wheels that allow the entire wheel to spin 360 degrees. Though it may take some getting use to, the wave-board is a great change up from skateboarding because the focus in no longer on the tricks. With the wave-board, the rough feeling of skateboard wheels is replaced by two smoother rollerblading type wheels that does not require the kicking motion of a skateboard, but merely the shifting of weight to be propelled. Since skateboarding wheels do not swivel, the traditional power slide motion that you can pull in skateboarding- is turned into just another direction in which you can ride-much like how a snowboard would allow one to. Though it easy to find many kids and more adamant thrill-seekers riding wave-board like skateboards and doing flip tricks on them, it should be noted that it is much more difficult and risky to attempt these types of things on a wave-board due to your small area of balance compared to a skateboard. With a wave-board, the front and back areas of the board itself move independently as you shift your weight, thus making a less stable landing than the four wheel stationary feeling of a skateboard.

Moving on to a more strapped in approach to board sports, the snake-board is essentially the far less heard of little brother of skateboarding featuring the standard four wheel, two truck set up but with independent control. Both the nose and tail areas are split from the middle of the board, which sometimes in more "old school" productions sometimes offered only a bar between the two, that propel the rider by pivoting motion from the nose and tail independently. For anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to never have to worry about losing the board in the air, the snake-board is a dream come true. Since it is still much like skateboarding in it's idea, and has a feeling of being strapped, it is a great sport for both skateboarders and snowboarders alike who are trying to cross train. It can also serve as a great tool in learning to transition different ramps and bowls, as it takes the focus off of losing the board.

Before moving away from the strapped in approach to unique board sports, both freeboarding and mountainboarding have a lot to boast in their own terms. With a freeboard, you are strapped in, with the standard deck,(much larger than a skateboard) four wheels and two trucks, but with the added caster wheel in the middle of each truck to allow a more free flowing ride that can accommodate the power slide movement with ease. Most enthusiasts of freeboarding ride for speed and style as snowboarders do, focusing on the overall ride of the board. As for mountainboarding, there is no limit or certain area that the riders of these boards could be grouped to. Mountainboarding is a sport that offers a longboard style shaped deck with large tracked wheels that can take on an array of different terrain. From mountain areas with rocks and dirt, to dirt tracks like BMX would have, this strapped in sport is sure to thrill any bored skater looking for a different approach to riding.

Last but most unique in structure, the flowboard is an amazing new approach to street style riding that is not to be confused with the flowboarding culture that follows surfing. Unlike any other in design, the flowboard stands out from the rest by offering a deck sitting atop a total of fourteen wheels!. Lined up seven side to side on both the nose and tail in an arch like formation, the flowboard rides like no other because it can carve harder than any other. Though you are not strapped in, it is similar to snowboarding in that the same toe to heel concept that follows snowboarding, is applied and can propel a rider by the shifting of their weight to certain area of the board. With the added amount of wheel structure, it does have more weight than a skateboard, but without the bindings still has the ability to be flipped in any direction. Put it all together and you have a board that rides with the technique of a snowboarder, the creativity of a skateboarder, and the ability to carve the streets like a surfer!

No matter what the hobby or sport, anything can become mundane after much repetition. For anyone who skates, motivation is key to continuing the pursuit of getting better at the sport. After a while, it can become too predictable going to the local skate park and taking your turn with clusters of all aged kids sharing a small space. The underlying point to be obtained in all this is simply get out and try something new, and get back to the main fundamental elements that got you skating to begin with.


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