Best Sports Video Games

I am a huge sports fan outside of the gaming world, so when I enter the virtual realm of sports I look for realism. Along with a realistic gameplay, I like to see nicely detailed graphics and no bugs. I can’t stand playing sports games with glitches, it’s unforgiveable. I also like to see the athletes I’m playing with resemble the appearance and game style as their real life counterpart. I know most sports games are monopolized and only created by one developer, but there are some quality games out there and these stand above the rest.

MLB 09: The Show (PS3) – This is probably the most realistic sports game I’ve ever played. Everything just feels and looks right. It’s similar to other baseball sims you would play, but a lot more polished. If you’re thinking of getting a non-arcade style baseball game then this must be your choice. Sadly for some people it’s only available on PlayStation 3.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (PS3/Xbox 360) – If you’re looking for a virtual golfing experience then Tiger Woods is really your only option. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the improvements from year to year are minimal. Tiger Woods 10 is however the best thus far in this golfing series and you’ll find tons of things to do including online tournaments.

NHL 09 (PS3/Xbox 360) – This hockey game is far and above any experience I’ve had in this sport. The new control system is near flawless and the action is intense. You can feel every hit and enjoy every hard earned goal. There is absolutely no competition when thinking about which hockey game to purchase as NHL 09 does what others can’t.

FIFA Soccer 09 (PS3/Xbox 360) – Again lack of competition makes FIFA the best soccer game by default, but just because there’s no competition doesn’t mean it’s not a great game. There are a lot of different modes to delve into with the 09′ version along with many online multiplayer options. This makes this FIFA the best soccer game yet.

UFC Undisputed (PS3/Xbox 360) – Finally UFC has come and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The fighting is quite extensive and realistic. The fighters look fantastic and all have their actual fighting styles incorporated into the game. The in cage experience is like none other, but the out of game menus are a hassle. This becomes quite annoying, but definitely shouldn’t be enough to keep you away from this amazing MMA fighting game.