Busy Lives of Children in Sports

Children’s sports is a very common thing and always has been. I believe a lot of parents become too serious about the whole deal but most enjoy just watching their children out there trying and having fun.

So many years ago when my son, Eddie started sports he seemed too tiny to play soccer, flag football or little league. He wanted to try everything so I allowed him. Rule number one was never quit once you join. Rule number two was you always go to practice and the games. You are part of a team and must follow through. I never had any trouble with that. He always looked forward to his sports.

Soccer was my favorite. You’d have all the kids running from different directions after the one soccer ball. The traveling pack would move together back and forth with the ball popping up in the air every now and then. It was so cute to watch. They all tried so hard just to get to the ball. I don’t think they had any idea what to really do with it.

The kids would be so into it they’d smack into each other, go down and jump back up after that soccer ball. One time my son and another child smacked head on. There was my son running with a nose bleed trying to get to that ball. They had to stop the game to take him out.

Other mothers would ask “Aren’t you going to go down?” I said “Nope, he’s ok.” As soon as they could get his nose to stop bleeding he was back in the game.

Then with the little league one of my favorites was the gum. Before each game all the kids would each buy one of those long sticks of gum and they’d all be chewing as they played.

Here comes my son up to bat with one side of his face puffing out as far as it could. I looked as I tried to figure out why his face looked like that. He was trying to chew but couldn’t even close his mouth. He must have stuck that whole pack of gum into his mouth. I was so embarrassed at the time but now I laugh. That vision will always be in my mind. He was told after to not chew it all at once.

Now the grandsons are into the sports. Collin tried soccer a couple years ago but really didn’t get into it. He’d stand there and look around as everyone else went after the ball. One game I was able to see I called him over and gave him a pep talk. I told him how badly I wanted to see him kick that ball. He went in, kicked it a couple times and almost scored. My daughter, his mother started screaming and cheering. I told her she acted like it was the first time he ever kicked the ball. She responded with “It was.”

Then there is Lucas his younger brother. His first year he was always after the ball. He would knock his own team mates out of the way to get the ball. These guys go from one extreme to the other. He would stand there before the kick looking at the other team and giving them hand signals of losing. His parents told him about that one. He is a very confident player.

I also have a 10 year old grand-daughter. All legs but great at soccer. She is going through that clumsy phase as i did at her age but she is great in the field.

My one grandson J.R. was into tackle football at five years old. Those kids wore the whole outfit and helmet plus he was the shortest on the team. I swear all the other kids stood a head taller than him. My favorite picture of him is one where he is covered with mud. I don’t know if they ran him over or used him as the ball but he looked like a roughed over little football player. So adorable but of course, I could never say that to him. I know he put his all into each game.

When watching children’s sports I don’t know what’s funnier. Watching the children or the parents. I find my daughter quite entertaining. She was never into sports but watching her boys she is always on the end of the bench.

The is so much involved in children’s sports. Fun and family involvement is a big part of it. Just remember not to take them too seriously and you all can have fun.


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