In Sports You Have to Be Lucky and Good

This years Super Bowl featured the Giants,who became the first team in NFL history to allow more points, in the regular season, than they scored. Their opponent, the New England Patriots, were 31st of 32 teams in yards allowed. Both teams played well in the playoffs but were fortunate to be there and once there they got fortunate to win games.

The Patriots were beaten against the Baltimore Ravens in yards, turnovers time of possession. Tom Brady had a quarterback rating of 57.5 but they won the game when kicker Billy Kundiff missed a game tying 32 yard field goal with 11 seconds remaining. Brady had two interceptions and for the first time in 36 games,did not throw a touchdown pass.

The Giants have won two Super Bowls in the last five years and both times they were fortunate to even make the playoffs. This year it took a simple incomplete pass that a wide receiver lost in the lights or would have been home for the playoffs. Five years ago they failed to win their division and advanced by being a Wild Card. The then were fortunate to win their last three post season games by a total of 10 points. Capped by a miracle throw and catch to defeat the Patriots.

The same thing happened last season for the Green Bay Packers. Those same Giants lost a 21 point fourth quarter lead to the Philadelphia Eagles, something they have never done in the history of the NY Giants. If the Giants hold on,Green Bay is also home for the playoffs.

It gets better for this years Super Bowl champions. Against the San Francisco 49’ers it took a muffed punt and a dropped punt for the Giants to win that game and in the Super Bowl,Wes Welker drops a pass he got both hands on. Color commentator,Cris Collinsworth,said of the drop,”he catches that ball a hundred times out of a hundred.”

There used to be a poker player named Amarillo Slim and he stated, “luck is an critical part of any sport.” Truer words were never spoken.


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