Streaming Sports Online for Free

To be an American and have the fever for the rest of the world’s favorite sport can be a little agonizing. Even more agonizing when you don’t have any extra money set aside for cable or a dish. However I do pay a paltry fee for some DSL and decided to take a look for some type of website that would stream me the games from around the world. Preferably something legal.

At first it looked like a bunch of sites that would stream your footage for a fee, and I’m too cheap to be bothered. First of all, it’s a stream on the internet and chances are it will never look good enough for me to justify paying money for. Secondly, the sites just looked like scam central. Many of them used similar wording and phrases, and when you see different websites promising the same thing with the same words it’s a good time to lock the credit card up.

But then it came to me a few pages in on a Google search – . This site streams nearly every sports league imaginable. Major League Baseball, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, MLS and that’s just the American stuff. When the Euro Cup was on the ABC played us a game from the semi’s and a game from the finals, but with I was able to watch all of them with commentary. Cricket World Cup? Check. J-League Soccer? Check.

What’s more the browser has “real time” stats that come up as the game progresses and depending on your connection speed you can have other games playing simultaneously in smaller windows that you can peak in on. My computer was Sports Center. And if you missed the game they archive it for for a couple of days. The over all experience is better than the Olympics streamed through NBC’s website and no where near as taxing on my system. With the only caveat being video quality, which improves with connection speed. So if you are paying for those upper tier Mb/s then you shouldn’t have a problem. You get what you pay for, in other words.

Which brings me to crazy part: I’ve been paying for this service the whole time. Chances are, you have been, too. You see, ESPN 360 is available only to people who’s Internet Service Providers pay for the service. After a quick test, ESPN 360 told me that AT&T; has paid for the service and I get to benefit. My question is, how come AT&T; never told me? There’s no harm I suppose, but it’s pretty peculiar that AT&T; opted into this plan that would benefit their customers and not tell them about it. I could speculate that the reasoning being that they want you to pay for ESPN in their Advanced TV package, but the Phillies are playing the Dodgers in a little bit and I’d rather than enjoy that than care about AT&T;’s marketing follies.


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