Top 5 Sports Movies

This is a list of the top five sports movies ever made. Obviously I can only give my own opinion, but I think most will agree that these movies deserve to be on the list.

5. Bull Durham- Set in the metropolis of Durham North Carolina this movie starring Kevin Costner and Susan Surandon is great because it has a deep and complex love story, while the setting of a minor league baseball team makes it easier for the common man or woman to identify with.

4. Days of Thunder- This movie is about an up and coming stock car driver named Cole Trickle who is played by Tom Cruise. The story involves him coming up in NASCAR after leaving the open wheel ranks, as well as the love connection between him and a doctor Claire Lewiki, played by Nicole Kidman. It is both a sports movie and a love story which makes it the best racing movie of all time.

3. Sandlot- This story of neighborhood boys playing ball on a vacant lot the call the “sandlot” speaks to what many peoples childhoods were like, or wish they were like. This story is as American as Ronald Reagan eating homemade apple pie on the fourth of July.

2. Hoosiers- This movie is great because it teaches that you can’t overcome the demons of your past just by geography, you have to achieve this by your actions. Gene Hackman who plays basketball coach Norm Dale tries to outrun his problems by going from New York to Iowa, but winds up conquering his problems at that locale.

1. Rocky- The hands down greatest sports movie ever has to be Rocky. The story of the underdog Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, speaks to what every American wants, to see the underdog triumph. This movie, though maybe not so much the nine sequels, motivated many young men and women to seek their dreams no matter how difficult it seemed. The Rocky theme song is also second only to ‘eye of the tiger’ in the world of workout jams.