Top 5 Sports Podcasts

Podcasting is a popular and convenient way to broadcast information. Thousands of podcasts (which can be downloaded from a variety of sources, including iTunes) are geared towards sports fans. A select few of these blend sports information, sports personalities, and comedy for an entertaining podcast for your listening pleasure.

The Dan Patrick Show

Dan Patrick was an ESPN fixture for years, as host of SportsCenter. (Perhaps you remember “The Big Show”, the title designated to SportsCenter episodes co-hosted by Patrick and Keith Olbermann). In 2020, Patrick left ESPN for greener pastures. His independent show, The Dan Patrick Show, is a daily radio show that is available for download in 3 episodes a day (each 1 hour of the 3 hour terrestrial radio broadcast). Patrick is a big name in sports broadcasting, and that attracts big names in the sports world. You’ll frequently hear sports news makers being interviewed. While Patrick is chummy with his guests, he doesn’t pull many punches. He almost always asks the questions people want answers to. A special bonus is the chemistry of the production staff at the show. They’re frequently on-air and blend well with the style of the show.

ESPN: Pardon the Interruption

Simply an audio-only podcast of the popular ESPN mid-day TV show featuring Washington, D.C. area sports reporters Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. Everything you love about PTI on TV can be found on their daily podcast (minus the scrolling sidebar).

ESPN: The B.S. Report

Bill Simmons’ column on has become one of the most popular columns for sports fans nationwide. His podcast emulates his column by combining Simmons’ encyclopedic pop culture knowledge, love for Boston-area sports, and reference to his personal friendships. Bill’s friends typically make for great podcast guests and act as a sounding board for his candor about modern sports. Due to Bill’s connections at ESPN, he has some great guests – from both inside and outside the sports universe.

Into the Night with Tony Bruno

Tony Bruno has been around the sports radio scene for years, most famously on the Sporting News Radio network. Tony has a unique, entertaining personality. He’s not afraid to voice his opinions, either. Like Patrick’s show, Into the Night is the podcasted version of Tony’s daily terrestrial radio show. Warning: Can be hysterically funny at times!

ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast Series

Not so much a single podcast as a group of podcasts aimed towards fantasy sports lovers. Fantasy experts like Matthew Berry and Eric Karabell guide fantasy players to make the best moves for their teams, no matter the season. No matter the sport (basketball, football, hockey, and baseball), ESPN updates this podcast series regularly to provide listeners valuable up-to-date information.

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